Practical driving test

The DSA practical driving test is conducted by a Driving Standards Agency examiner and lasts between 38 - 40 minutes.

The routes used include a typical range of traffic and road conditions. The test will start and finish at your local Driving Test Centre. On average you will drive about 8 miles during the test. The examiner tests your ability to drive safely and competently and tests you on all that you have learnt during your lessons. You can fail the test if you commit a serious or dangerous fault, or if you have 15 or more driving faults.

Immediately after the test, the examiner will advise you if you have passed or failed. If unfortunately you have failed you will be advised where you went wrong and given a printed sheet with the details. This sheet will be useful to show your driving instructor to assess what further training is required. You can apply for another driving test straight away providing 10 working days have elapsed between each test. During the test you will be asked by the examiner to undertake one of the following manoeuvres and possibly emergency stop:

  • Reverse parking behind a parked car or into a parking bay
  • Reversing round a corner to either the left or right
  • Turn in the road

For more details on the practical test visit the DSA website or contact West Norfolk Driving School today for more details. Contact Us or call us on 07912 887303