Refresher Training Courses

Professional Refresher Driving Lessons in Norwich and Kings Lynn

So you have had your licence for a while, but things in life have prevented you driving on the roads and you feel your confidence and nerves have the better of you.

Well, here at WNDS we have the answer!

Why not take a refresher course to build your confidence and wave goodbye to those nerves? Sometimes just having someone beside you like one of our friendly instructors will help you become a confident, safer driver. Especially in one of our dual controlled cars.

We offer refresher courses in two ways (intensive or hourly).

If you live in Norwich or Kyngs Lynn, contact West Norfolk Driving School today for more details contact us or call us on 07912 887303. So take a look at what we have to offer, and remember if you have any questions send us a text and we will call you back.